Financing Options: Capital Equipment Loans and Leases

Posted on by Fred Wilson & Jason Li


Today on MBA Mondays we are going to cover yet another topic in the Financing Options series, financing capital equipment like servers, routers, switches, computers, etc.

Equity capital is expensive. Every time you do a raise, you dilute. It makes sense to look for places where you can use other less expensive forms of capital…

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Financing Options: Convertible Debt

Posted on by Fred Wilson & Jason Li


MBA Mondays are back after a one week hiatus. Today we are going to talk about convertible debt. Convertible debt can also be called convertible loans or convertible notes. For the purposes of this post, these three terms will be interchangeable.

Convertible debt is when a company borrows money from an investor or a group of investors and…

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Financing Options: Government Grants

Posted on by Fred Wilson & Jason Li


Governments will provide capital for startups and I’ve seen many entrepreneurs over the years take advantage of this form of financing. The grants are usually “free money” in the sense that they do not need to be paid back and they don’t cost any equity.

But nothing in life is free. You do pay for this money in ways that…

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